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Seeing is deceiving.

It's eating that's believing.

Lemon Curd = Happiness in my mouth
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I'm a posting fiend today!

This is my typical breakfast when I'm at home and I have planned ahead (if you know me, planning is not my forte). Poached egg, toasted brioche, coffee. I have coffee every morning, regardless, so for my birthday, my parents bought me a French press! It's pretty awesome.

So anyway, I made lemon curd a couple weeks ago that wasn't very good (I used a new butter that seriously altered the taste). I tried again and... utterly delicious. Like you have no idea. So, if you have 30 minutes or so to spare, and good arm strength/stamina, make some curd. It's well worth it.

Two pics and a link to the recipe hereCollapse )

Updated Cinnamon Chipotle Rub, plus Baked Broccolini
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Update to this entry.

So this is my go-to rub for pork chops, and/or chicken. It's sweet, with a spicy afterburn. It works WONDERS on pork chops, especially on the grill. So, with updated pictures, here it is again!

Under hereCollapse )

Spinach-Almond Pesto Pasta with Turkey Meatballs
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I'm still eating the leftovers from this, because I made a TON. And they're very, VERY good. The pesto is flavorful without being overpowering, like basil pesto can be. The turkey meatballs were good, though I would have prefered to add the sausage like the recipe called for. But my dad doesn't eat meat other than poultry and fish, so I stuck to turkey. Still good! The thing I liked the most was that you can use any veggies you want, since most everything works well with the pesto. I've also never had orecchiette pasta, and I LOVED it. It's kinda like shells, but thicker. Perfect for this recipe.

Spinach-Almond Pesto Pasta with Turkey MeatballsCollapse )

This recipe has lead me to an epiphany that a lot of people fail at making pesto properly. So I think I'm going to do a video. Yes, a video on how to properly make pesto. Interested? It's such a taste and visual thing for me, so I don't know how easy it will be!

Chicken Wellington
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This was SO good. I made it for a dinner party last weekend, with red quinoa mixed with the leftover mushroom mixture, salad with lemon dressing (just lemon juice, olive oil, s&p, and a touchof balsamic), and baked brocolini.

Chicken WellingtonCollapse )

Pizza Dough
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Pizza DoughCollapse )

That's really all there is to the dough. Roll it out and put the toppings on. I baked it in the oven, but for the life of me I can't remember what temp I had it on. My uncle puts his on the grill, which is what I'll try next. I did make a KILLER sauce with this, but I winged it, so of course I have no idea what I put in it. CRAP. Good news is, I have a bunch left over (frozen) so hopefully I'll remember when I taste it.

Look out for my scone recipe next!
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Fish with Orange and Avocado Salsa
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For Courtney :)
Sorry the pictures are a little washed out... my iPhone isn't the best camera.

Fish with Orange and Avocado SalsaCollapse )

Chicken Mole
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This is probably the best thing I've ever made. It takes forever, but it is WELL worth it. No pictures as of now, but I'll be sure to get some next time I make it (hmmm... this weekend maybe?).

Chicken MoleCollapse )


Mole Rubbed Chicken with Mango Avacado Salsa
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Trying tonight.

Mole Rubbed Chicken with Mango Avacado SalsaCollapse )

Turned out pretty good! Definitely keeping the rub in mind for later.

Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa
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I make this all the time now, and it's fantastic! Relatively easy, depending on how quick of a chopper you are.

No pictures (again!), but I'll take some the next time I make it.

Black Bean and Tomato QuinoaCollapse )

Phyllo Wrapped Sea Bass with Bell Peppers
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I made this last night and it was SO GOOD. And I made up the recipe all by myself! Anyway, it's kinda spicy (it was very spicy when I made it, so I've cut the peppers down a bit.

On to it, I've got to go tutor soon.

Phyllo Wrapped Sea BassCollapse )